Continuing Care

Completing a residential treatment program is a major accomplishment worth celebrating.

Once you complete your program and leave the TC, you may face some challenges and temptations as you return to normal life.  We offer many continuing care treatment options that are designed to give you the ongoing assistance and continued support you need to successfully manage your long-term recovery.

It is important to have an exit plan for continuing care in place before you leave the TC as it will be easier to integrate the next phase of treatment if you already know where to start.

Individual Counselling and Support

If your life and relationships are being negatively affected by your substance use, we are here to help you.

Peer Support Groups

Peer Support Groups are peer-led open support groups for consumers of Cyrenian House.

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

MRT is a great option for you if you are seeking to remain stable in your recovery goals.

12 Step Program Referral

The support 12 step fellowships can be a very important part of your recovery.

Family Matters Program

If you are struggling and don’t know how to cope with your loved ones addiction, please talk to us, we can help.

Transitional Housing and Support Program

Our Transitional Housing Program can provide stable, affordable accomodation post treatment.