Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

MRT is a great option for you if you are seeking to remain stable in your recovery goals.

Based on Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Reasoning and Erikson’s Theory of Personality Development, MRT is cognitive-behavioural treatment program designed to help promote positive self-identity and to help you to make better decisions for yourself and for the people around you.

This group operates with an open-ended format, so you can enter the group at any time. The group is facilitated by two MRT specialist trainers who will guide you through the twelve steps of the program and towards the end where you will focus on goal setting and future planning.

The MRT program will generally take you around sixteen weeks to complete.

It offers you an opportunity to:

Feel better about yourself

Make decisions that are better for you and those around you

Learn positive social behaviours and beliefs

Connect with others for support



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“MRT has opened my mind and my heart to a brand new, unexpected experience. It has helped me to reach levels of self that I thought I locked away forever. It has been an amazing process and understanding this process as well as stripping away my old belief system has been the most valuable thing for me from participating in the program.”