Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Treatment Services are intensive therapeutic programs offered by Cyrenian House and require individuals seeking treatment to leave their homes and reside in a therapeutic community (TC) for the duration of  their program. Our TC’s provide safe, effective,evidence based programs consumers who are experiencing  negative consequences from issues related their alcohol or other drug use. As a resident in a TC,  you have the opportunity to address behavioral, emotional, and mental issues with the guidance of our qualified and experienced counsellors.

The average length of stay in a TC is 12-16 weeks, but some people chose to stay for more than 12 months.

Contacting us for more information (08) 9328 9200

It can be difficult to admit you have a  alcohol and/or other drug( AOD) issue but once you do, you are making the first step of your recovery journey.

You might feel like you need support because you live in a community, family or social situation that supports your AOD issues! Your personal living arrangements and social contacts may be creating a significant barrier for you to change your behaviour.

The truth of the matter is: If you’re questioning whether or not you need help, you most likely do.

When you make a commitment to attend one of  Cyrenian House’s residential treatment services, you will generically stay for anywhere between 3 to 12 months depending on your individual needs.

All Cyrenian House residential treatment services follow the Therapeutic Community (TC) Model of Treatment and you may hear our staff often refer to the service as the TC, meaning therapeutic community.

Within the TC you will live and work with other residents as a small community within a structured environment.

Treatment and support will be provided by our professional counsellors and you will be encouraged to achieve your goals by demonstrating your ability to move through the stages of the program.

Most of our residents remain in the program for 9-12 months and although you can choose to leave at any time, we recommended you stay for at least 9 months to increase your chance of remaining abstinent.

Programs are individually tailored to your individual needs with a focus on your mental and physical health. Our staff will work closely with you to form specific strategies, such as adapting your treatment and action plans to suit your changing needs.

The TC will help you to:

  • Achieve and sustain positive life habits
  • Regain physical/emotional health
  • Have order in your life
  • Have healthy relationships with people
  • Gain coping skills to maintain a drug/alcohol free lifestyle
  • To achieve self- awareness

All Cyrenian House TC’s are smoke free and we offer “stop smoking support” and/or nicotine replacement where necessary.

We will also offer you support to re-enter the community  with a focus on the following areas:

  • Housing
  • Education and vocation training
  • Social networking
  • Social wellbeing
  • Relapse prevention strategies

Contact us for more information (08) 9328 9200

Entry into a Cyrenian House residential treatment service will dependent on your individual circumstances.

We need to give consideration to the following matters:

  • Care for children
  • Care for pets
  • Your housing maintenance while you are away
  • Mortgage / rent contracts and payments
  • Centrelink arrangements
  • Your physical and mental health

Please contact us for more information (08) 9328 9200

You need to be alcohol and drug free to enter any of our residential treatment services.

Cyrenian House offers two Low Medical Withdrawal Units located in Rockingham and Nannup.

These services offers a person centered “no wrong door approach” to support individuals experiencing alcohol and other drug and mental health related
issues. We provide a safe supportive residential environment, where individuals can undergo a low medical withdrawal program to assist them to achieve their identified goals.

Please contact us for more information (08) 9328 9200

We suggest you pack lightly when entering the TC as there is limited storage space in your room. Only bring essentials.

Packing layering clothing options is recommended such as T-shirts, sweaters, cardigans and jackets.

You will have access to the laundry equipment so a week’s worth of clothing should be enough to start with. We also suggest packing clothes that are easy to wash and do not require special care, such as dry cleaning.

Be sure to bring seven days worth of comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing, including:

  • shoes: comfy shoes for everyday wear, runner for activities/sports and flip flops for the shower.

If you are on prescription medication we ask you to bring all your medication with you and any repeat prescriptions.

If you have any questions please speak to your counsellor.

As a resident in the TC community,  you will participate in scheduled activities including daily community work tasks, recreational activities, meetings, meal preparation, individual counselling and group therapy.

Residents plan weekly meals, cook and eat together. A weekly roster ensures residents take turns with the various kitchen duties. If you can’t cook its ok, other residents will support you in the kitchen and you will develop new skills.

To allow you to settle in without any outside influences or pressure, there are no visitors or phone calls for the first two weeks, except for residents with children in their care. After this, visitors may come on Sundays.

Cyrenian House is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted in the TC buildings or on the grounds. Residents will be supported to give up smoking during their stay and can purchase nicotine patches and lozenges prior to commencing treatment.

To help maintain a safe environment for all residents we need you to adhere to the following:

  • Remain drug/alcohol/tobacco free
  • Abiding by community rules
  • Participate fully in all aspects of the program
  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene (personal, room, community)
  • Demonstrate responsibility to self, others and the community
  • Behave civilly (manners, respect, keeping agreements)
  • Modelling values (honesty, self-reliance, responsible concern, work ethic)
  • Practice self-control skills
  • Demonstrate emotional tolerance and restraint
  • Understand consequences of behaviour
  • Demonstrate awareness of and exercise choice of helpful over unhelpful behaviours
  • Not engage in violence, threats or any kind of harassment
  • Not engage in intimate relationships between residents during the program
  • Not engage in theft, malicious damage or vandalism of  TC or personal property
  • Provide regular and random urine samples and being agree to be breathalysed.

If your court case is an incentive for you to address your drug or alcohol use, then Cyrenian House will support you with this. Whether being at the TC helps your case or not will depend on the magistrate.

How long you remain at the TC and participate in the program is dependent on your individual needs and the goals you wish to achieve. We recommended a stay of 14 weeks,  as this will allow you enough time to develop good routines such as a regular sleep pattern  a sleep pattern and improved health and general well-being.  During this time you will have the opportunity identify and address the issues that are impacting your drug or alcohol use.

The TC staff will provide support and guidance during your stay however, you are free to leave at any time if you do not think the program is for you.

A weekly rent equivalent to 85% of Centrelink payments is payable to cover accommodation, food, electricity and recreation costs.