Midland Withdrawal & Intervention Centre

The Midland Withdrawal & Intervention Centre (MWIC) offers highly responsive same, or next day admission to consumers seeking low medical withdrawal and associated services, including support for their families and significant others. The six bed facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and is located in Eveline Street, Middle Swan.

Consumers can stay for up to 21 days whilst undertaking low-medical withdrawal, as a result of their substance use. The service offers a person centred “no wrong door approach” to support individuals experiencing alcohol and other drug and mental health related issues.


  • Individually tailored withdrawal program, in
    partnership with health professionals.
  • Support for their families and significant others.
  • Fast-tracked entry to the service with same day
    assessment and admission.
  • A structured but flexible program, including
    comprehensive assessment of needs and treatment
  • 24-hour residential care and support with medical
    and psychosocial support offered by experienced
    AOD/Mental health clinicians.
  • Assertive referral to community-based support and
    counselling services where appropriate
  • Referral to residential treatment and support services
    where appropriate.
  • Maximum length of stay 21 days.
  • Free of charge

This service is suitable for:

Individuals experiencing problems as a result of their
substance use, (including those experiencing co-occurring
mental health and substance related challenges) who

  • A short-term residential low medical withdrawal
    program, prior to attending residential rehabilitation
  • A short-term residential low medical withdrawal
    program, prior to returning to the community.
  • Families and significant others seeking support for
    their loved ones AOD use.

For more information please contact us on receptionmwic@cyrenianhouse.com

Phone: 08 6155 2668

Fax: 08 6155 2671

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