Saranna Early Childhood Education and Care Centre

Located in Gnangarra, Cyrenian House operates the purpose built Saranna Early Childhood Education and Care Centre (SECECC).

With a qualified team of workers the SECECC encourages every child to grow, learn and develop at their own pace. Our educational programs provide supportive, active learning through felxible play with a focus on building the strengths of individual children.

All os SECECC’s educational programming is base on “belonging, being, becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework.”

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing a learning environment that is rich in natural, recycled and man-made resources. Children will be involved in decision making with regard to their environment and be encouraged to help look after it.

Our Educators support individual children’s learning by forming strong and trusting relationships and providing a learning environment that fosters the development of self-help skills in order to create a successful transition to school.

We promote the five statements of the Early Learning Years Framework

  • Children have a strong sense of idenity

  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world

  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

  • Children are confident and involved learners

  • Children are effective communicators

We are committed to promoting the overall development of children who attend our service whilst delivering the highest standard of childcare in a safe, warm and welcoming environment.

Enrolment and Handbook

Click here to download an enrolment form.

Click here to download the parent handbook.

If f you need help with child care fees for approved care, you may be able to claim the Child Care Subsidy.

For more infromation, please refer to the Department of Human Services.


6.30 am – 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday