Pre-Admission to the TC

At Cyrenian House, we understand that accessing treatment for the first time can be quite  an anxious first step for yourself and your family.  Our experienced  team of counsellors understand this and are on hand to help, advise and assist in organising every step of your pre-admission journey.

We will ensure you are fully supported and provided with the answers to your questions. What may seem to you to be a silly question can make all the difference to your understanding and we will ensure you are fully prepared as you commence your journey to recovery.

Admission into one of our residential treatment services will occur once you have completed your initial assessment and we have all of the information we need to provide you with the best possible treatment options that suit your individual needs.


While you wait – Assessment Group (AG)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19 the Assessment Group will not be running. Please contact us on 9328 9200 if you require further information.

If you decide to enter treatment in one of our residential therapeutic communities, you will need to attend a regular Assessment Group (AG) while you wait. The Assessment Group is held every Friday morning at 10.30am at our head office in Fitzgerald Street, Perth. Attending this group will help you prepare for your stay and will provide you with support and assistance to make the process as smooth as possible.

Attending the AG group will allow you to become familiar with the group environment and also gives us a chance to get to know you better. We will assist you to determine what you need to finalise your plans before commencing treatment including preparing your financial matters (e.g. Centrelink) and which detox method, if any, you require prior to entry into one of our therapeutic communities.

If you live outside of the metro area, you won’t be expected to attend the AG group each week, however we will arrange for you to make weekly contact with us via the telephone. During this weekly check-in, we will provide you with support and assistance to help you with your preparations for entry into one of our therapeutic communities.

Assessment Group (AG)

Every Friday 10.30am until 12.00pm
318 Fitzgerald Street, Perth
Please contact us on (08) 9328 9200 for more information

Individual commitments of people accessing the Saranna Women and Children’s Program will be taken into account and pre-admission requirements will be advised on an individual basis.