Strategic Plan

Our Vision

Healthy, inclusive and harm-free communities

Our Mission

An organisation that provides the highest quality services to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of people affected by alcohol and other drugs.

Strategic Objective 1

Deliver professional, responsive and innovative services

Key Actions Key Outcome Measures
Reflect diverse consumer and community needs in service planning
Integrate consumer co-design and co-production principles into service development and delivery
Access and facilitate research that benefits evidence-based work practices Cyrenian House’s services are recognised as being of a high quality and meeting current and emerging community needs
Enhance culturally secure and inclusive practices
Promote practices that build worker capacity to better respond to consumer and other stakeholders’ needs
Further diversify Cyrenian House’s income sources

Strategic Objective 2

Foster relationships that improve services and community engagement

Key Actions Key Outcome Measures
Develop Cyrenian House’s collaborative working relationships across sectors and services Cyrenian House is a recognised and valued leader in delivering improved outcomes for those affected by alcohol and other drugs
Grow community awareness of, and engagement with, Cyrenian House

Strategic Objective 3

Optimise systems and resources that support Cyrenian House’s excellence and sustainability

Key Actions Key Outcome Measures
Refine governance and quality systems and resources that support Cyrenian House’s service provision and accountability
Ensure facilities meet existing and projected need
Strengthen Cyrenian House’s workplace culture and wellbeing Cyrenian House is an efficient, accredited organisation that continually improves the quality of its systems and resources.
Support Cyrenian House’s leadership team
Achieve Cyrenian House’s objectives through planning and ongoing evaluation